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    News — Limited Edition

    Vogue Wonders: How girls wear over sized demin jacket

    Hey guys, I'm back! After taking a 2 month break out of blogging, I have a lot of things lined up, VogueWonders is changing! For the past few weeks I have been working on new ideas and changing the theme of this blog. I will slowly be moving to a fully menswear/unisex blog, also touching down on the music scene in which you can view by clicking on the 'discover' tab!
    To start off this new venture, here's a collaboration with &BLANC, an independent Nottingham based brand.
    &BLANC stock a range of fashion brands such as Alpha IndustriesÉtudesHan KjøbenhavnHappy SocksKarim MaherLibertine - Libertine, and Wood Wood.  In this collab I'm wearing a gorgeous Denim Jacket by Han Kjøbenhavn.
    This is an absolute staple piece for your wardrobe, the details and quality on the jacket is amazing featuring a removable Velcro white 'V' detailing, branded button fasting, and not to mention the cut on this is perfect, fitting to your body shape.
    I simply styled this with Dr Martens; Denim and Cherry Dr Martens is always a winner, such a good combo, I chose to layer this by wearing a white net vest top and an oversized a longline grey shirt from ZARA. This was completed with straight leg trousers also from ZARA.
    Check out &BlANC over on Instagram @andblancfashion/ and their online store at 
    If you’re around Nottingham, visiting the store is a must!
    9 Kings Walk, Nottingham, NG1 2AE, United Kingdom
    Thanks, Arooj xo

    BE ‘THAT’ GUY - The Fashion Webb


    Wood Wood &BLANC

    etudes studio &BLANC

    Dotty Shirt – Libertine Libertine

    Harrington Jacket – Libertine Libertine

    Blue Shirt – Libertine Libertine

    Utility Jacket – Wood Wood

    Motif Shirt – Mark Gonzalez X Études

    Jumper – Wood Wood

    Socks – Happy Socks

    You remember Mark? Tall, great physique, effortless style… you know the guy who ALWAYS looked ‘put together’ in a kinda lazy yet super cool way. Yeah, HIM. Well we’re reminiscing over that guy because I recently teamed up with the fantastic menswear boutique, &Blanc Fashion, which sent me kicking and screaming back into the obsessive state of wanting to be (all together now…) effortlessly stylish! My two objectives in life are a) religiously drinking lemon water (I literally keep count, did you know it has like a gazillion benefits) and b) being able to leave the house looking like Mark. Everyday I achieve at least one, never both, usually the former (okay, always the former).

    In this part of the story, I quite bluntly asked &Blanc for the permission to run freely through their store scooping up as much as possible. The thing that excited me the most, was that I could see Mark shopping there! (Not literally of course, he’s hypothetical, incase you missed that). So I figured, if I couldn’t programme my DNA to cooperate, then I could at least throw clothes on the problem! For the whole day I spent at &Blanc styling outfits and trying on the amazing pieces, I felt like ‘that guy’ (at least by a half-ish measure anyway). I successfully managed objective b) and, for that, I will be eternally satisfied.


    Libertine libertine - &BLANC

    Wood wood &BLANC

    etudes studio- &blanc

    &Blanc are a relatively new boutique in Nottingham, one that I know I will keep returning to. Every time I’ve browsed their website I’m always drawn to them for the same reason, the guy who shops there is my ‘Mark’, the effortlessly stylish guy I aspire to be! So thank you, &Blanc, for giving me the illusion that I AM ‘that guy’ (just let me pretend, ok?).

    &Blanc boutique are also the definition of convenience, something else I am drawn to like a moth to a flame. They ‘promote fresh and exciting independent brands, whilst providing a unique retail experience through their distinctive combination of fashion, hair styling and coffee (because who doesn’t love good coffee? No one, that’s who). They have Evoke Hair Design salon who they teamed up with to provide stylish hair ‘do’s’ and that great coffee. Both of which have been very satisfactorily provided, might I add. You have to admit, they have the most beautiful curation of wardrobe staples and basics, filling in all the blanks so you don’t even have to think about it.

    As always, you can shop the items in this post by clicking the thumbnails below. You can find &Blanc’s website here, also their InstagramTwitter and Facebook pages. Make sure, if nothing else, you check out the olive green jacket by Libertine Libertine, it will help you transition seamlessly and stylishly through Spring and Summer. You can get 15% off your entire order using code ‘WEBB’ at the checkout, you’re welcome. Also keep up to date with me on InstagramTwitter and Snapchat (mitchwebb25), theres going to be an exciting giveaway very soon so stay tuned!


    &BLANC NOttingham

    Kings Walk &BLANC


    The Fashion Webb -

    Instagram -

    Twitter - @thefashionwebb


    British Weather

    We all know that the British weather can be a little unpredictable, hence it can be very difficult to find that ideal summer outfit. We teamed up with blogger Mitchell Webb ( and created the ideal summer outfit for you guys. This season, there has been emphasis placed on the rise of the T-shirt. Once the T-shirt may have seemed like a basic essential item, however, now the T-shirt can recreate and add a little spark to any outfit. For this summer, T-shirts are staple items for everyone’s wardrobe, to add a street, urban vibe to any outfit. We understand that it can be difficult to create a summer outfit because you never really know what to expect from the weather. For that reason, we opted for the Libertine-Libertine fade short. The short silhouette oozes summer, but the thick sweatshirt fabric adds a little extra warmth. The casual fabric creates a street look, which is ideal for creating a unique urban style. We then paired these shorts with a Wood Wood square t-shirt because T-shirts are ideal for summer and totally on trend this season. The effortless simplicity of the Wood Wood t-shirts creates a hip look, which can transform any outfit. Without being too in your face, the different designs of the logo's can add colour and summer vibe. To finish, we added a lightweight jacket from Libertine-Libertine called 'fever'. These jackets are ideal, not only is the bomber style extremely on trend, but the lightweight fabric and the low cut finish will keep you safe for all unpredictable weather changes.

    All of the clothes seen in these images are available on our website, check them out they are NOT to be missed!









    Mark Gonzales x Études

    Mark Gonzales x Études

    466   LAUNCHING TODAY- Exclusive for Spring/Summer 2016 Études has teamed up with skateboard legend Mark Gonzales. The force of these two is not one to be reckoned with, as the capsule collection unveils some raw talent and unique designs. Mark is not only a talented skateboarder, but also a working artist and poet. He is known for his raw zines and distinct artistic style. The collaboration is part of the Études Spring/Summer Collection ‘Up and Down Town’. The collection consists of the classic Info shirt and October tote bag in three styles with artwork created exclusively for Études by Mark. In the spirit of the S/S16 Collection, a small publication will be produced consisting of Mark’s poetry and artwork. Finally, a series of customized, one-of-a-kind, Horizon bomber jackets and Sesam hats created by Mark will be available in highly limited quantities. The shirts and tote bags ooze street style and the bright white colour is perfect for summer. They are ideal for dressing up with smart trousers, or down with denim jeans. They are so versatile and the originality of the designs, gives any outfit an air of individualism and a quirky style. We teamed up with Mitchell at who demonstrates the effortless ability of the shirts to create a unique outfit. Keep checking the blog as we have a lot more coming from our collab with Mitchell and we cannot wait for you guys to see it! We have a selection of shirts and the tote bag available at our website: These are certainly not to be missed and are predicted to be a total sell out, so get yours now to avoid disappointment. 446 451   453 459 462 464

    NEW IN Libertine-Libertine SS16 In-Season

    NEW IN Libertine-Libertine SS16 In-Season

    Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 13.55.09To some, sweatpants and sweatshirts require careful thought. Styled in the wrong way with the wrong cut or context it can become a dangerous outfit. The material can sometimes suggest an air of ‘I’ve given up’ or ‘I’m having a lazy day’ – something a stylish man never wants to communicate through his clothing. However, panic no further. Libertine-Libertine’s SS16 in-season collection features a range of stylish sweatshirts, sweatpants and tops that have redefined the comfy clothing silhouette. If you want to indulge in ultimate comfort, whilst channeling your inner fashion guru, we have the perfect summer outfit for you. Choosing the right style of sweats is the most important choice. You can’t pick up any old elasticated sweats and think they are going to produce a funky style. Your best bet to keep up-to-date with this summer trend is to invest in high quality Libertine-Libertine apparel, a brand known for their quirky and unique style.

    The collection features three major items, the sweatpants in a short silhouette, a sweatshirt and a sweatshirt with short sleeves. The interesting and revolutionary short length creates an air of summer ease and the lightweight, soft material makes it the ideal summer outfit for this unpredictable weather – showing skin, but not too much. Sweatpants are no longer just something of ease and comfort, as Libertine-Libertine has successfully created a collection that oozes style and sophistication. These items launch on our website TODAY, be sure to get your hands on them before everyone else.

    East Sweatshirt (off white/smoke) - £105.00

    Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 13.54.49


    Echo Tee (off white/smoke) – £90.00

    Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 13.54.34


    Fade Shorts (off white/smoke) – £98.00

    Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 13.54.44

    Here is some inspiration on the 'sweat' trend and how you can style your Libertine-Libertine sweats: